Obviously having a large ecommerce store, I’d heard of WordPress but I’d never really taken much notice of it. To be honest, I thought it was for bloggers…

So, as part of my plan for 2014 to expand my online ‘empire’, I made it my business to find out all about this software called WordPress and in a word, I’m impressed, very impressed, ‘WordPressed’ in fact! If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll know that I was dabbling, erm, struggling with HTML way back in 2000, the turn of the Century, no less :-)

Whilst I’ve put the basic stuff I learned back then to good use, if I’d have had WordPress at that time, that would have been fantastic. Anyway, I have it now and I’m getting to grips with it pretty quickly, thanks to all the wonderful tutorials on the internet.

I can even install it on my cPanel hosting in around a minute just by clicking a button. I actually noticed all the other buttons for installing many different programs too. Where have I been you might ask. Well, to be honest I’ve been concentrating so much on my offline businesses and letting my developer handle my ecommerce stuff, that I hadn’t noticed what was going on in the wider universe.

With my ‘business head’ on though, this set me thinking, just imagine if WordPress had been developed by Microsoft or another large company, what a killing they would have made. How did they miss a trick like that? I think we are truly blessed to get such a fantastic piece of software for free. Maybe I’m showing my age but I do genuinely appreciate what I have here in front of me.

I’m sure as I play with it more and try out new things, I’ll get even better with it. I know school kids who can do wonderful things with Wordpress and I mean young school kids, under 10. I hope they teach them to use it in schools, because it will certainly be a handy life skill and whilst WordPress may not be around in five or ten years time, in it’s current format, there’s no doubt that the keyboard, designing and writing skills will be just as in demand.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’re new to WordPress or if you’ve got children at school that are using it. Maybe I should start a competition to find the youngest WordPress ‘expert’. Now, that would be interesting…