Writing perfect squeeze pages is clearly more of an art than a science.

I say this as I have just looked at a squeeze page that I was directed to from an email and quite frankly, it was appalling.

As a sales and marketing professional, I find some of these squeeze pages and sales tactics to be rather last century… Well, more like the double glazing and timeshare ads of the 80′s to be precise.

I’m not going to direct you to the actual squeeze page that has finally prompted me to write about them but I will tell you that it was written by a long standing, extremely successful, UK marketer who has made literally multi millions from online and, before that, offline marketing. He charges thousands to attend his seminars and to top it all, he actually started off by writing adverts…

Well, I’ve actually taken the time to reply to his email and I wonder if he will even get to read it personally, let alone reply. It’s not simply a case of me ‘having a go’ – I really hope that he will appreciate the points I have made in a constructive manner and that they will help him improve, after all the day we believe there is nothing else to learn , it’s time to give up!

So, what was so wrong with the squeeze page…

Firstly, it was the longest sales page I have EVER seen and I’ve seen a few! In order to get through it all, a screen at a time, it would have taken me 22 screens! Yes, that’s not a typo, TWENTY TWO pages of… STUFF.

On top of that, there were numerous differing font sizes, some bold, some not, in black, blue and grey with ridiculous amounts of red text all over the place – it reminded me of websites from 1999 and if you still had one of those today, you wouldn’t be making many sales, believe me – it’s a complete turn off.

What’s the point of having a great product and promoting it like this? Nobody will even care about the product and that’s if they get anywhere near the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the bottom of the page. I’ve asked him what his conversion rate is from this page and I’d be genuinely interested to know. One thing’s for sure, I bet I can improve on it.

Anyway, none of this was even the main problem. It was also totally out of date. The latest figures on the page were from around 2 years ago and there were a number of references to getting the offer by a date that was over two months ago! For a professional marketer at the very top of his game, I find this truly unbelievable and HE wants to TEACH ME how to sell…

So when you’re writing the perfect squeeze page bear all this in mind and do none of it :-)