Well, today’s Friday the 13th and I’ve decided to start my personal blog, so it’s a good job I’m not too supersticious.

Now that actually got me thinking about supersticions. So a quick look in the dictionary and I see that the meaning of supersticion is ‘a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge’. Well, that sounds simple enough, basically it’s all in our minds…

Like I said before, I’m not too supersticious but I don’t really like walking under ladders, staying in room 13 or breaking a mirror. I also wouldn’t like to stay on the 13th floor but thats a combination of this and my other ‘irrational’ fear, heights.

My mechanic is not actually at work today, simply because it is Friday 13th. I have pulled his leg about this a few times and even told him that I have an urgent job that needs doing and the only day that I can make it is Friday (13th), but he still won’t budge!

Recently I actually got round to asking him why he was so insistent that he wouldn’t work on Friday 13th and he told me about all the bad things that had happened to him on that day, including the hydraulic ramp malfuntioning and trapping a customer’s car, damaging it’s door in the process. This car required a good deal of straightening out, a new door and respraying, not to mention a very understanding customer…

So, I guess he has a point, it’s simply safer to stay at home with your feet up, but whatever you do, don’t put those new shoes on the table!

Let me know if you’re very supersticious and if you are, where do you think that particular belief came from? Has anything bad actually happened to you on Friday 13th?

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