Hi, my name’s Eddie Tee.

I’ve made a living from sales and marketing my whole working life.

Although I’ve worked for some blue chip companies and well known brands, I’ve had my own business/es for over 20 years, so I have a good understanding of the time and effort required to be successful.

In terms of my ‘Internet Marketing’ career, I actually made a start in 1999 but things didn’t go exactly to plan…

I bought my first 10 domain names in 1999 – they were very expensive then at £70 ($112) each! A few months later I bought another 20 at the same price. This is an addiction that has continued to this day and now I have over 500, but thankfully the prices are so much more reasonable and I have sold some along the way, making a tidy profit.

I had a working website in 2000 and registered for affiliate schemes in 2001. I even started building a list – how mad is that! The trouble was I didn’t really know what I was doing (learning HTML was time consuming enough) and there wasn’t anyone to teach you in those early days…

At the same time as all this was going on, I’d built up a substantial bricks and mortar business, so the affiliate stuff seemed small fry and I let it go. (I know, I know, hindsight really is a wonderful thing)

In 2003 I launched what would be called an authority site today. It was one of the first fully featured ecommerce websites in the UK, in it’s particular niche within the fashion industry. We had fabulous years in those early days with relatively little effort. Talk about build your site and they will come, it certainly seemed like that, although obviously it wouldn’t stay like that forever…

My offline business was also doing really well, despite losing my business partner in spring 2004. I took on more staff and it continued to grow alongside the website, then I noticed something strange happening – the website started taking more money than the offline business, even though we didn’t dedicate nearly as much time or effort to it. This was a turning point – I realised then that we needed to concentrate more effort online, whilst winding down the bricks and mortar side of the business.

So fast forward to the present day, the bricks and mortar stuff has all gone and I now run a number of businesses all connected with the internet, including ecommerce sites, affiliate sites, domain name sales, drop shipment and even offline consulting (it’s still nice to get out and chat to people face to face…)

I want to help others who would like to make money online. There’s lots I don’t know, particularly the technical stuff but equally there’s a lot of knowledge I can pass on. I genuinely believe that you can only be successful by helping others achieve their desires.

One thing I can thoroughly recommend whatever your vocation and that is working for yourself. Not even for the money, but for the freedom and quality of life it brings.

We are all equal and we are all entitled to a life of fun and fulfilment.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do,

Eddie Tee :-)