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What Is A Webinar?

I thought I’d write today about what a webinar is.

This was really prompted by a visit to my mum’s yesterday. She’s a great mum and she has always been supportive of my plans, even if they were a little crazy at times – anyway, that’s a great topic for another post.

So there I am drinking tea and chatting about what I’m up to and I know she doesn’t understand too much about the internet, so I try to keep it fairly simple, but I casually tell her that I’ve been taking part in a number of webinars.

I didn’t really think about the fact that it’s a fairly new word and that she wouldn’t know what it was. Although she doesn’t have a computer or even an internet connection, she does take an interest in new stuff that’s happening and so she said “what’s a webinar?”.

Of course, that got me thinking that there might be a number of other people asking exactly the same question. It’s like anything, if you’re not involved in it, you might not know about it.

So a webinar is basically an online seminar. You can’t see the other people though and you generally can’t even hear them. In fact, you don’t even know who you’re sharing the experience with – oops, that’s sounding a little strange…

I guess in a way, it’s like watching a TV programme, where there’s the presenter/s and you. Obviously it’s like an educational TV programme as you’re usually learning about a new piece of software or a new tactic. They are usually limited to 1000 people although that’s probably more to do with current technology and I guess that number will increase in the future.

The big difference between TV and a webinar is that you can ask the presenter/s questions live during the broadcast. These are usually entered into a small text box called a chat box and when there is a moment, if they are relevant, they may get answered.

It’s actually really cool when they say “Oh, Eddie Tee from the UK asked blah, blah, blah…” and they give you the answer, or maybe that’s just me :-)

This is just another wonderful feat of the internet and related technologies. Wow, I really love all this stuff.

Until next time, stay cool.

Making Money Online

Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen the stories about people making millions online with hardly any work, so have I.

So, being an entrepreneurial type of person, I thought I’d check it out.

Firstly, it’s the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. There’s definitely a lot of fluff around and I’m sure some people have made lots of money out of all of that fluff. You can actually spend hours and hours of your life just sifting through stuff online and going from one story to the next, until you meet yourself coming back and by then it’s daylight again. Believe me, I’ve done it, a few times!

Having said that, I do believe that there is a genuine opportunity to make money online, many opportunities in fact, but you must have your wits about you. Obviously you can set up your own website and sell products that you own, much like a bricks and mortar store, but I’m thinking more specifically of other methods where you do not have to store and ship inventory.

There are many guide books and courses on this exact subject and I’ve spent a fair bit of money on them so far, all in the course of my research you understand (just in case my girlfriend is reading this). My aim over the coming weeks and months is to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Just as a side note: Now what’s interesting is that this is a global blog and I very much hope that it will be read by people from all corners of the world, so that got me thinking, is a quotation like ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’ an exclusively British term or will it be understood by those outside of the good ole UK. I’d love to know :-)

I’d love to hear about your experiences online, good or bad. Oh and don’t forget to let me know about that ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’ thing. Keep smiling!


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